Up your street

Tell us where your house is and we''ll take a few pictures so that you can see what is going on in your street.
Of course it's great fun trying to find them as the streets have no names.

One for Steve and Lynn


I think that this is Katya's house.
This view for George

Do you own a property in Cherkovo

Because we receive emails from people who would be interested in moving here, we have created a property advertising section on the Cherkovo website, so if you have a house to sell or rent out you can advertise it on the village website.

To view properties for sale in the Cherkovo, Karnobat or Burgas regions follow this link View
Perhaps you purchased a property in Cherkovo or the Karnobat area a while ago and have done nothing further with it.
There are a number of empty properties that would be suitable for refurbishment, so drop us a line if you know who owns them and what their plans might be.

If you are thinking of buying, then I would say, forget buying an overpriced apartment by the coast, buy in an authentic Bulgarian village for your overseas getaway or active retirement plans instead.

There are loads of advantages:

Usually villages plots have gardens of half acre plus. This gives you space and privacy, and room to grow.

The best coastal locations are all within an hours drive. You can have a brilliant day along the coast, an evening in cosmopolitan Burgas and then travel back in time to 1930 when you return home at night.

Or  stay for a few days at the coast anytime in one of the hundreds of hotels for very very little money. You could choose quaint but  touristy Nesibar, riotous Sunny beach for a party vibe, Pomorie old town for authenticity, Sozopol as the upper market blend of old and new.

The lovely market town of Karnobat is only 15 minutes away, and has modern hotels with pools, saunas etc.

You benefit from the far lower prices of real Bulgaria, and help support the local people by buying goods and services from them.

You will see how every pound you spend in this local economy helps to change the lives of these historic people.

Visit Cherkovo village Bulgaria


If you would like to spend a while away from the rush and pressure of life, why not visit us here in Cherkovo?

You won't find hotels, swimming pools and shopping centres, but you will find a tranquil village where life moves at a slow steady pace, largely  unchanged for decades. cherkovo flowers

The peace and quiet away from the bustle of modern life has to be felt to be believed.

Of course cosmopolitan  life may be found in nearby Bourgas, while the exciting holiday hotel complexes of Sunny Beach with their pools, aqua-slides and beach life are only a 40 minute drive away.

 Where to stay

There are no hotels in Cherkovo village but accomodation ranging from houses through rooms to camping can easily be arranged with welcoming English and Bulgarian families alike. Just drop us a line here at cherkovo.com and we will sort out accomodation to suit your requirements.

Expect basic facilities, as this is almost time travel - back to a social England of the early 1900's where you will see goats, chickens, pigs and other livestock wander through the streets.