Council Tax

The realisation that properties not registered with the local tax office in Karnobat will attract fines has several of the English community in a flap.
Properties must be registered with the local tax office within two months of being sold, and whilst this is normally taken care of by the purchasers solicitor it has transpired that it has not been done in every case, thus exposing the owners to a fine.
Worryingly, even those who have been making regular payments of their council tax (approx 8 LV or £4 per year) may not be free of the problem. Whilst it is not possible to make the payment if the property is not registered with the tax office, no indication of the problem is given when making a payment on a property that had late registration.
The status of any property in relation to being registered may be discovered by visiting the tax office in Karnobat.

If you are paying your annual council tax (approx 8 lv) then you have no problem. If when attempting to make your council tax payment and presenting your title deeds to do so the property is discovered to be unregistered it will be necessary to visit the office directly across the hall. By presenting your deeds again you may receive assistance in filling in the required declaration which should be presented to the planning office near the Savoy restaurant and coffee bar.

Moving to Cherkovo

Cherkovo is a great place to live, especially for those looking to escape and settle down to a simpler lifestyle.

As the typical garden is 1/4 to 1/2 acre in size (1000 - 2000 sq m), it is ideal for people looking towards self sufficient living, and there is abundant space for chickens and other livestock.Typically the villagers rear their own pigs, chickens, sheep and keep goats for milk.

The villagers are warm and very welcoming, and the village has several British, Russian and Austrian residents but remains a very authentic Bulgarian village where life continues at the same steady pace that generations have enjoyed.

The village location is ideal with the market town of Karnobat 10 minutes away, easy access to the A1 Motorway, Airport and beaches at Burgas.

The surrounding countryside is ideal for pony trekking, walking and off roading with numerous tracks and byways between the surrounding villages.

Whilst English is not widely spoken in the village, communication is rarely a problem, and adds to the fun of making new friends.

The cost of living here is far below that on the UK and most other Western European countries, so why not come and investigate what Bulgaria has to offer?

Making the move to any Country is made easier with the support and guidance of others who have already done so, and we hope this website will give you an insight into Bulgarian life.

Market Day

The first Cherkovo car boot sale and market day was deemed a great success, being very well attended by locals and friends from the surrounding villages.
Stall holders sold items including bric a brac, antiques, jewellery, fruit and vegetables. 'The English Tea Garden' did a brisk trade in cream teas and the most excellent home baked cakes and pastries.
It is planned that the market day will be held on a fortnightly basis, with provision for table top stalls indoors in times of inclement weather. More stall holders are expected to attend the subsequent markets, and all are invited to make this a really great day out.
The market day raised over 140 lv for the Cherkovo church restoration fund, and we would like to thank all those who kindly donated.

Cherkovo church restoration

The church in Cherkovo holds a special place in the hearts of many of the villagers, and indeed gave rise to the name of Cherkovo itself.
Many of the senior citizens remember the church prior to it's fall from favour during the Communist period which ended in 1989.
The focus now is to restore the church to its former glory, and to that end a visit was made to assess further the order of works required prior to the first service to be held there since the Second World War.


Coarse fishing has long been one of the UK's most popular hobbies, and here in Bulgaria the attraction of the sport is growing steadily. Bulgarian Hobby TV devotes many hours each day to fishing, helping spark interest in numerous matches at venues across the Country. Around this and most other villages there are abundant lakes of varying sizes, and whilst most are not managed formally, provide an entertaining day out with the at cherkovo

At present much of the fishing in the Countryside is done with the intention of taking the catch back home for lunch, as Carp and many other freshwater fish are considered delicacies. Barbed hooks are the norm, but in a few managed locations a release policy for smaller fish has been introduced.

Weekend trips out to good spots for a few hours of fishing are often organised, so if you know of any excellent locations please post in the forum at the end of this article.


Cherkovo is located close to the Black sea coast, and the City of Burgas with it's International airport.

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Feb 14th A Special Day

By all accounts today is a very special day in the Bulgarian Calendar.

Bulgaria celebrates Valentine's Day, and I have heard that this year is also Forgiveness Day on the same day. vine day traditionThough it's most significant day is the day they celebrate the first cutting of the vines. It is celebrated to signify fertility and for Good Luck in the coming growing season.

vine day celebarationsWine from last years crop is warmed and the cuttings from this years is placed in the traditional pewter pots. Vines leaves are taped to the handle, usually with red ribbon, and people dress up in Traditional dress and the pewter pot is handed round for eveyone to drink from.

The long lengths of vine are woven into 'crowns' and given to young people to signify virility and fertility.

Read more about the fascinating celebration by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of the Day of Saint Trifon, patron of vine-growers, wine-producers and tavern-keepers on here on Novinite

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